Friday, May 16, 2008

Web Criticism

David Bordwell, as usual, has taken an optimistic stance where everyone else seems to have only seen doom. Commenting on the state of film criticism in light of the intense and rapid decline of print film criticism (which might as well be called paid film criticism) as well as the increase of Web-based criticism. He provides an engaging and intelligent-as-always foundational meditation/how to distinguish and write better film criticism. I'm including a link here, in part because I think it's important (I don't think we realize how entirely our world is changing), and in part because I'm looking for contributors to this blog. Anyone can contact me if you're interested at towardanldscinema at gmail dot com, and we'll see what we can rig up.

This is a niche audience and a niche topic, but an important one, and we have much to learn yet about how and what we can do.

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