Saturday, February 23, 2008

Addendum to "On Entertainment"

I'd like to take the same topic from perhaps a different perspective: We all waver in certain areas on a regular basis. Sometimes we're better journal writers, some times we're less sincere or less diligent. Sometimes we're better listeners, sometimes we can't bring ourselves to care as deeply. And we all had check points, I assume to tell us whether or not we're doing well. I just know that most often I do worse at all of the things I care most about when I watch movies to be 'entertained.'

I have found that I care a little less about doing the dishes. I find that I am a little more reluctant to answer a telephone call that I know will require something of me. I am less concerned with my wife's needs, wants, and feelings. I'm less excited about reading the scriptures, and more likely to put it off. I have found that my prayers are shorter and more short-hand. There is less longing in them. I have found that I repent less often. I have less faith in Christ, and I need that. I need all of those things.

Have any of you found anything similar? Can you relate?

Perhaps not, and that excites me. How many faithful Saints there are. How much more devout. But I can't afford it. There are things that I can afford, that I'm not as sensitive to as others are, or perhaps as I used to, or should be, but I am sensitive to this. And I consider it an extremely worthwhile discussion.

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Schmetterling said...

It's a strange and frightening phenomenon you describe--strange because I don't understand it, frightening because I've experienced it and STILL don't understand it. I don't know what it is about vegetating that causes such incredible apathy, but it always does--always.