Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A little note of interest on Bresson

So there was a screening here on the 30th I just found out about of Bresson's 'A Man Escaped' maybe the greatest of his films, and maybe the greatest of films period. I regretted not knowing about it as I would have done everything to attend a screening of a film version as I've only seen it on VHS (though Artificial Eye just released a copy I'll eventually pick up).

Imagine how devastated I was to find that the film was shown in correlation with a more than hour long discussion with Bresson's widow who was also his 2 A.D.

It kind of helped that no one else from the university attended, but they all knew about it, and just didn't care.

I'm sure it was more complicated that, but still. I wanted to gripe.


whitney said...

This happened to me when I was in France and Tim Burton was doing a question and answer session just a few minutes walk from my school. Everyone knew about it except me, and no one went. I know Bresson and Burton are a little different...but I was younger then, and pretty hooked on PeeWee. Bummer.


Trevor said...

Tim Burton basically IS Bresson. Didn't Bresson try to get Vincent Price to be the priest in Diary of a Country Priest?

And I heard Johnny Depp tried out for Proces... not to mention Danny Elfman did all of Bresson's scores...

Kendra D said...

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