Friday, July 4, 2008

Introducing, Me

Hi. My name is Adam. I feel like a student at the beginning of a new class who has just been asked to go first in telling something about himself that will help the professor remember who he is. I'm doing this because somebody requested it, but I don't pretend that it will be very interesting, so here goes.

My name is Adam Figueira. The K. K. you always see in the middle represent one name given to me by my parents and another by my grandparents. I use them both because they help me remember who I am. Kind of like Nephi and Lehi. Plus, the second one is the only connection I have to any of my grandparents, since all but one of them died prior to my birth and the one died not many years after.

I live in South Jordan, Utah, but in a couple of weeks should be moving to Clinton, Utah - assuming the negotiations on the new house go well. I have a three beautiful daughters (seen above - that picture was taken just earlier tonight) and a wife who is as near perfect a person as I've ever met. We've been married five challenging and gracious years and will be blessed with a son in August, God willing.

I own a small company that produces videos for weddings, corporate events, educational purposes, etc.... I've produced/directed one short film and plan to do at least one more this summer for submission to the LDS Film Festival next year. I've also acted in a number of shorts and student films, as well as stage productions. The best known film I've had a part in is a little short called Instant Karma that's won a number of awards at local festivals and seems to be quite popular, much to my surprise. It was my first screen performance, and I'm the guy in the green suit. I only mention that to give anyone who knows the film - and cares - a clue as to which one was me.

That's about all, I guess. My cinematic and scholarly credentials don't extend very far, but I try to think seriously about things and I am a devoted student of the scriptures. So that's me in a nutshell, for what it's worth. Hopefully, when I post things in the future, this little blurb will help you get a feel for who it is that's talking to you anyhow. Any questions?

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