Saturday, March 22, 2008

In Preparation For Conference, Perfect Form and Content.

I've been more ill for the past 9 days than I can remember being, and sitting here now is even difficult, but I did want to repost something I posted in my first post that was shortly after last conference. It was something I sent in an email to a friend who once commented that General Conference is a perfect meld of form and content (which always followed by excluding the beginning, closing, and voice-over sections).

"Elder Wirthlin's talk made your statement more true than it had been before. On three levels that piece of video was the perfect marriage of form and content: first was that a preacher was preaching and we were receiving, but as he struggled, 2. Elder Nelson stood behind him they became a visual expression more moving than the words: a father and son, the spirit and the priesthood, God and Man. Together, but standing alone. As Elder Wirthlin spoke of Love, Elder Nelson and their relationship embodied it. That made me reconsider your statement. And third, We saw how Elder Wirthlin still struggled even with the help of his friend and he wanted to finish for us. His self-sacrifice was his topic. Form and content. "

I include this here not to praise myself (though I'm sure it seems that way), but to encourage us to think about Conference as a media experience whose form ought to be examined and interrogated before it is praised. I hope well do that as this upcoming might have some alterations formally (as well as patriarchally)

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