Friday, January 23, 2009

A Question For You

So, the festival is underway and I'm enjoying it far too much. But I have a slight problem. You see, the two most attractive presentations (in my opinion) are scheduled at the same time. One is the LDS Film Forum, which will be about what the LDSFF '09 tells us about ourselves and our art. The other is a presentation from a non-LDS filmmaker with similar values to most LDS filmmakers. He will be giving an outside perspective on the LDS film movement.

I don't want to miss either, but I obviously have to choose. I can't. So I'm asking you. Because I'm inevitably going to end up writing about whichever I go to, I want to know


Anonymous said...

go with the non-LDS

Bryan said...

I agree, go to the latter presentation. There's already plenty of navel-gazing on LDS culture blogs. The other presentation might open your eyes to a different perspective on things that you probably won't get from a group of relatively like-minded individuals.

Th. said...


Also, you're more likely to more easily get the gist of the former after-the-fact without too much filtering.

Adam K. K. Figueira said...

Sounds unanimous. I admit, I've been leaning that way more and more as the day has worn on, for the reasons you all cite, and because the closing feature tonight was a VERY interesting film by the same (non-LDS) director who will be giving the presentation.

FYI, it looks like half of my original post got cut off here. I didn't really check it after posting. I had originally included the official descriptions of both events and a comment about how I wanted to go to the one that would likely be the most interesting for you to read about. Sorry about the abrupt and awkward ending.

Thanks for your feedback! I'll check back one more time before I leave in the morning.