Wednesday, January 23, 2008

William Wyler

We've been watching a lot lately, and some of it has been very beneficial, but nothing has left so large an impression as Mrs. Miniver. I've heard Wyler so often placed in between
John Ford and Orson Welles and left lesser than both, but I was dazzled by his story-telling and his consistent visual inventiveness. There were a few shots that were bolder than anything I know of American cinema from that period, save perhaps Welles (but I just have such a hard time with the canted angles: what is he going for? Guess I should read the Rosenbaum book, or the Bogdanowicz book when I get back to the States). I don't think I've seen that kind of inventiveness in American genre pictures since, either. Anyway, thought I'd share.

Instances that challenge this are more than welcome.


Jen said...

Hey Trevor. I wish i knew more about cinema and directors and stuff to contribute to your thoughts. I did, however, send your blog link to that guy in my ward who you met, who is making a film right now. Maybe he'll check it. :) I did put up a post today about movies but i don't think it's exactly the same kind of thing that your blog is about. But still. :)

Trevor said...

Thanks Jen. I have been meaning to ask you for contact to that guy. It was fun talking to him and I feel so sill that he keeps getting referred to as "that guy." SOmething he said about Kieslowski keeps sticking out in my head and I'd love to chat with him a lot more.

Also, your comments are always welcome even if you don't "know a lot" about "cinema and directors." When in conflict, a thoughtful discussion is always preferred to a knowledgeable one. Ideally this would be a place for thoughtful and informed discussions as well, but your background doesn't need to be in cinema. Film is made and observed from a visual standpoint, an aural standpoint, and a storytelling standpoint.

You have more, and unique, exposure to visual art than I every will. You also have a musical sensibility and sensitivity that differs from my own, and you are exposed to stories and ways to tell them that I haven't any probably never will be.

That's something.

You're also in a movie right now.

congrats, by the way.

Th. said...


(you spelled the link wrong for chairkickers so it dona work)

Trevor said...


Its fixed now. I'd love for more people to listen to their music. Their career is seriously worthy of scholarly work as it applies to LDS doctrines.